Environmental Services

Representative Projects

DMI-EMK has provided environmental and land use consulting services to a wide variety of clients and types of property from Monterey to San Diego.  As the site-specific needs of each project differ, DMI-EMK has the knowledge and expertise to effectively and efficiently address each of our client’s needs.  The following is only a sample of DMI-EMK’s projects.

Underground Storage Tank (UST) Removal and Upgrades

(UST) Removal and Upgrades

  • Former gas station/service station, San Luis Obispo
  • Shell station, Arroyo Grande (hoist removal)
  • Army National Guard emergency generator upgrade, San Miguel
  • Card-lock gas station, San Luis Obispo
  • Residence, Santa Ynez
  • Former gas station/service station, Santa Maria
  • California Highway Patrol – Ventura Dispatch Center, Ventura

Soil and Groundwater Contamination Assessments

Soil and Groundwater Contamination Assessments - Soil Testing

  • City parking lot, Santa Barbara
  • Truck service and card lock refueling station, Santa Paula
  • Federal Aviation Administration – Santa Barbara Airport, Santa Barbara
  • Lake Nacimiento – County of Monterey Parks Department
  • Former Chevron station, Orcutt
  • Vineyard, San Luis Obispo
  • Dry cleaning facility, Santa Barbara

Soil and Groundwater Remediation

Soil and Groundwater Remediation - Vapor Extraction

  • Fuel and lubricant supplier, Guadalupe (ozone sparging, remedial excavation)
  • AM/PM station, Pismo Beach (vapor extraction)
  • ARCO station, Santa Maria (vapor extraction)
  • Former service station, (Guadalupe (excavation, chemical injection)
  • Carwash, Santa Barbara (ozone sparging)
  • Carwash, Santa Barbara (excavation, chemical injection)
  • Industrial block, Santa Barbara (chemical injection)

Regulatory Closures

Regulatory Closures - Former Gas Station

  • Equipment rental facility, Santa Barbara
  • Convenience store/gas station, Paso Robles
  • Phillips station, Santa Barbara
  • Market/former gas station, Santa Barbara (closure review)
  • Water district, Montecito (closure review)
  • Former gas station, Santa Maria
  • Chevron station, Santa Ynez

UST Cleanup Fund Assistance

Environmental Compliance - Hazardous Materials

  • Gas station/convenience store, Cambria
  • Water district, Montecito
  • Gas station/convenience store, Santa Barbara
  • Residence, Santa Ynez
  • Chevron Station, San Miguel
  • Former gas station-City of Guadalupe, Guadalupe
  • Former gas station/convenience store, Oxnard

Environmental Site Assessments (Phase I and II)

Environmental Site Assessments / Compliance

  • Cryogenic vessel manufacturing/repair facility, Adelanto
  • Multi-family residence, Ventura
  • Automobile dealership and service facility, Santa Maria
  • Silkscreen/printing facility, Oxnard
  • Alliance gas station, Agoura Hills
  • Grocery store redevelopment project, Santa Barbara
  • 27,000-Acre ranch property, Santa Maria

Environmental Compliance

Environmental Compliance - Groundwater Monitoring Well

  • Fitness retreat, Malibu (septic system monitoring and reporting)
  • Ranch museum, Piru (septic system monitoring and reporting)
  • Private school, Ojai (groundwater monitoring and reporting)
  • Rescue canine training facility, Santa Paula (groundwater monitoring and reporting)
  • Berry processor/packaging, Oxnard (groundwater monitoring and reporting)
  • Berry grower, Oxnard (groundwater monitoring and reporting)
  • Packing house, Oxnard  (monitoring well installation for septic system monitoring and reporting)

Permit Preparation and Processing

  • Tree nursery, Fillmore (environmental permitting for drainage maintenance)
  • Mutual water company, Fillmore (environmental permitting for drainage maintenance)
  • Berry grower, Somis (Conditional Use Permit for a nine acre greenhouse, slope failure repairs, septic system monitoring and reporting)
  • Agricultural lender, Moorpark (environmental permitting for drainage maintenance, permit processing, violation abatement, mitigation compliance)
  • Agricultural trucking, Oxnard (violation abatement, Conditional Use Permit for agricultural contractor’s storage yard)
  • Equestrian center and events venue, Moorpark (Conditional Use Permit for weddings, temporary events, etc.)
  • Renaissance festival venue, Moorpark (Development Review Committee hearing for project feasibility)