Environmental Services

Environmental Consulting Services

DMI-EMK is a full-spectrum environmental consulting firm. Our primary areas of expertise are in: conducting property assessments for real estate transactions; the investigation and remediation of soil and groundwater contamination; attaining regulatory closure; and, providing environmental compliance and regulatory permitting services. As a relatively small firm, we are responsive, creative and effective for the demands of any project, without the high overhead costs of larger firms. When a project requires expertise outside our core services, we have a network of professionals available to assist based on the needs of any project. Our services include:

Environmental Site Assessments (Phase I and II) View Projects

Environmental Site Assessments DMI-EMK has performed Phase I Environmental Site Assessments meeting the requirements of ASTM guidelines for a variety of property types, including: residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, vacant lands, ranches, pipeline routes, and proposed highway interchanges. When the results of a Phase I warrant further investigation, we’ve designed and provided cost-effective Phase II Site Assessment services. Additionally, DMI-EMK prides itself in assisting our Clients in understanding the results of our work, evaluating their options, and moving forward in the way that best suits their particular needs and requirements. Our clients have included property buyers, sellers, lending institutions, government agencies, and developers.

  • Phase I and II investigations, Phase I updates
  • Third party review of previous assessments
  • Focused review/assessments of site conditions
  • Consultation to assist our Clients in understanding our findings, the regulatory environment, and their options for moving forward with site negotiations

Underground Storage Tank (UST) Removal and Upgrades View Projects

DMI-EMK can manage UST services from project initiation through completion, or we can augment the services of outside contractors by providing environmental consulting, field and reporting services. Our UST services include:

  • Location services to identify abandoned or unpermitted USTs (UST) Removal and Upgrades
  • Agency interactions and permit processing
  • Coordination of UST excavation, degassing, removal, and backfill contractors
  • Coordination of field activities with local oversight agency staff
  • Management and documentation of on-site activities
  • Soil and groundwater sampling to assess impacts
  • Monitoring and documentation of work performed and site conditions
  • Preparation of tank closure reports
  • Interactions and negotiations with agency personnel regarding site requirements
  • Underground hydraulic hoist removal

Soil and Groundwater Contamination Assessments View Projects

Soil and Groundwater Contamination Assessments Using a variety of soils and groundwater investigation techniques including hollow stem auger and air rotary and push drilling methods, along with soil vapor screening, DMI-EMK can employ assessment methods that are appropriate to each site. These assessment services include:

  • Negotiation with regulatory personnel regarding required assessment activities
  • Development and design of cost-effective investigation approaches
  • Preparation of workplans and project documentation for regulatory approval
  • Permit processing to implement field work
  • Negotiation of onsite and offsite access agreements when required
  • Coordination of all field services, including drilling, laboratory, and survey services
  • Geologic soil logging and sampling activities
  • On-site soil and groundwater monitoring and sampling
  • Development of appropriate laboratory analytical program
  • Tabulation, modeling, evaluation, and drafting of field data
  • Compliance reporting and regulatory assistance
  • EDF Management to upload data to the State Water Board’s GeoTracker system
  • Interactions with regulatory oversight agencies regarding site conditions identified

Soil and Groundwater Remediation View Projects

Soil and Groundwater Remediation With years of experience in the design, construction, and operation of soil and groundwater remediation systems, DMI-EMK can implement the most appropriate and cost effective remedial actions in order to attain regulatory closure. Remedial technologies include excavation, groundwater pump-and-treat systems, soil vapor extraction systems, dual-phase extraction systems and chemical injection/sparging. Our soil and groundwater remediation services include:

  • Negotiation with regulatory personnel to develop attainable project-specific cleanup goals
  • Development and design of cost-effective remediation approaches for site-specific conditions
  • Preparation of Corrective Action Plans for regulatory approval
  • Engineering design for system construction
  • Permit preparation and processing
  • Design and implementation of bench-testing/pilot testing program
  • Coordination and management of field services
  • System start-up activities and evaluation of initial data and effectiveness
  • System operations and monitoring, data evaluation for system effectiveness, sampling, and report preparation
  • EDF Management to upload data to the State Water Board’s GeoTracker system

Regulatory Closure View Projects

Regulatory Closure (Cross Sections) When site conditions warrant, DMI-EMK can assist with obtaining regulatory closure. Recent changes at the State have resulted in new “Low-Threat Closure Policies” that clearly dictate the criteria for moving a site to closure at the earliest moment appropriate. DMI-EMK is fully versed in these new requirements and criteria, and can help you evaluate and determine your best “path to closure” under regulatory guidelines. Typical services include:

  • Evaluation of your site conditions with respect to the recently implemented Low-Threat Closure Policy (LTCP)
  • Negotiation with regulatory personnel regarding site-specific closure conditions and the best path for site closure
  • Soil vapor surveys
  • Contamination mass/volume modeling
  • Preparation of Closure Petitions to the State Water Resources Control Board – Closure Unit when closure is not granted by the local agency
  • Monitoring well, vapor well, and extraction well destruction
  • Site restoration activities

UST Cleanup Fund Assistance View Projects

UST Cleanup Fund Assistance For our client’s sites that are eligible or accepted into the Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund, DMI-EMK offers UST Fund management assistance including:

  • Initial evaluation of site eligibility to the State UST Fund
  • Assistance with the UST Fund application process
  • Submittal of Reimbursement Requests for corrective action costs incurred
  • Annual budget evaluation and budget request preparation and submittal
  • Budget Change Order request preparation and submittal
  • Appeals for un-reimbursed corrective action costs
  • Closure request appeals for sites when the local oversight agency is preventing a reasonable closure

Environmental Compliance View Projects

Environmental Compliance Often times, the scope or location of a project may require permits through local, State and Federal agencies such as Watershed Protection District, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Water Quality Control Board, and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. DMI-EMK can assist with the following environmental compliance services:

  • Environmental resource agency permitting including Streambed Alteration Agreements, Section 401 and 404 permits, and Watercourse permits
  • Waste Discharge Requirement permitting and compliance
  • Septic system monitoring and reporting
  • Illegal solid waste disposal site assessment and remediation
  • Coordination of additional services including engineering, surveying, and biological resource assessment

Permit Preparation and Processing View Projects

Regulatory Agencies – Permit Preparation and Processing With experience in permitting a variety of projects through local jurisdictions, DMI-EMK staff have assisted many commercial and agricultural companies in our area. As part of the project development team we are capable of moving a project from the conceptual stage through permit issuance. Typical services include:

  • Preparation and processing of Zoning/Land use/Conditional Use Permit applications
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Water Quality Control Board (Section 401, Waste Discharge Requirements, NPDES), California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Environmental Health, Watershed Protection District, and Building and Safety permitting
  • Code Enforcement violation abatement and condition compliance
  • Project condition review, interpretation, and negotiation
  • Coordination of additional services including engineering, surveying, and biological resource assessment

Outside Services Provided

Outside Services Depending on the specific needs of a project, DMI-EMK can assemble a project team to further compliment our in-house services. These adjunct services include:

  • Civil/structural engineering
  • Geophysical surveys
  • Remediation bench studies
  • Forensic laboratory analysis
  • Safety and Chemical handling studies
  • Engineering review
  • Natural attenuation studies