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Why Is a Phase I Investigation Performed?


For many people, the answer would probably be “because the lender made me do one”. However, a Phase I can offer benefits to the buyer or seller in the case of a property transaction regardless of a lender’s requirement. The three primary reasons to conduct a Phase I investigation are: 1) to avoid buying contaminated...

Determining the Cost vs. Value of a Phase I


When shopping around for a Phase I provider to assist them, the Client often uses the cost of the Phase I services as the primary factor. This can be a terrible mistake. Given that the Client is using the Phase I results to make (usually) a multi-million dollar decision, and the difference between a thorough...

DMI-EMK and Phase I Assessments


What many clients don’t know is that under the requirements of ASTM E1527-05 an individual with only a minimum number of years of experience can prepare a Phase I. In contrast, most reputable Phase I providers maintain professional registrations (Professional Geologist, Professional Engineer, etc.) and have the education, training, and work experience required to do...